I coach leaders to be conscious and purpose-driven

Do you live up to your highest potential?

Do you feel that there must be more to life than work? Do you wish to be more authentic and find new meaning in what you do? Do you want to be a leader that inspires people?

An Invitation to Transform yourself

Work with me and I will guide and inspire you to become conscious of whatever it is that is stopping you from being your highest self.


What you can expect

We will start with a complimentary initial consultation to get clear on your expectations and desires. The coaching program will be tailored to the outcomes you wish to achieve. You’re probably here because are looking for guidance in your journey of personal and spiritual growth. You realize that in order to be a more conscious and inspiring leader you need to first work out your own vision and purpose and clear the issues that are blocking the full expression of yourself.

Some of the things I work on with my clients:

  • Move beyond the fear and limiting beliefs that are blocking your potential

  • Reinvent your life though rediscovering your life purpose

  • Learn how to trust your inner guidance and truth

  • Bring awareness and conscious attention to your leadership

  • Lead from presence and authenticity

Choose what is right for You

First Session

Deciding on a coach can be daunting, so I offer Phone or Zoom sessions to get to know eachother. This first session is without commitment and is intended to find out if you and I are compatible to work together.



€200 FREE
  • Phone or Zoom call
  • No commitment
  • Compatibility check

Half-Day Immersion

Take a half-day to invest in yourself. We will meet in person, dive deep and strategize what changes you need to make now and in the future. This is the best option if you want to achieve results quickly.



1200 (ex VAT)
  • 1:1 In person
  • Clear strategy
  • Fast results

Coaching package

Regular guidance and advice strengthen the deep change you are looking for. I will be your personal sounding board, provide feedback, help hold you accountable, and provide motivation when it is needed most.


10 sessions

€3000 2495 (ex VAT)
  • 1:1 In person
  • Accountability
  • Deep change
"Petra knows how to create a safe environment and how to get people moving. Even after following various other training programmes, I gained new insights from her approach. And besides... Petra is also a very inspirational person!
Dominique Topper
Client Director