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to a life of presence and purpose

Traditional coaching is invariably aimed at goal/task achievement: Doing. What is often missing is presence, purpose and connection to your inner Being. What distinguishes conscious leadership coaching is the capacity to develop Being while working on the Doing.  A deep and meaningful shift in your mindsets and behaviors is needed to be fully present and aware in all situations. Give yourself the gift of Self-awareness and lead your life with purpose and meaning.

About Me

I combine my leadership and executive coaching experience with deep spiritual wisdom and holistic practices, to help you transform into the highest version of yourself.

How I Can Help You

A full or half-day immersion

The best option if you want to achieve results quickly. Take a full or half-day off to invest in yourself. We 'll meet in person, dive deep and strategize what changes you need to make now and in the future.


Regular Coaching

Regular guidance and advice strengthen the deep change you are looking for. I will be your personal sounding board, provide feedback, help hold you accountable, and provide motivation when it is needed most.

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Remote Coaching

If coaching in person is not an option, I offer regular Phone or Zoom sessions to support your personal transformation. Remote coaching can also be valuable in combination with regular executive coaching.

Happy Clients

” Someone who makes sure that changes in your organisation and culture are also implemented.”

Theo van der Wouw

Client Director

“Through her sharp, honest and constructive feedback I have been able to develop myself to the next level of personal effectiveness and leadership.”

Danielle Morf

Client Director

The latest Blog Articles

Enlightenment is a big word. It conjures images of sitting under a tree, renouncing your family, going to a monastery or living in a cave. None of these options look very attractive or practical in today’s world. How can you become enlightened while tending to your busy life?

Nobody readily admits to being a negative person. Still, a lot of people could benefit from being more conscious about their Yes to life. Saying Yes to life not only makes you a more happy person, it is the key to personal freedom.

Balancing the never-ending demands of a busy life with some peace and quiet is a challenge that might feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be that way! The teachings of Buddha do not ask that you remove yourself from everyday life and become a monk.